Our Farm

We have been farming in South Lincolnshire for 4 generations.

Our core business consists of a 900 hectare combinable cropping arable farm.

We have been farming using the principles of regenerative agriculture for 13 years and were one of the first farms in the UK to use these principles at scale across the entire farming operations.

We now also have multiple enterprises taking place on the farm.

We exist to promote champion and spread the understanding of sustainability in food, farming and rural businesses.

Our family

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Thomas Gent

4th generation

Founder of

Gentle Farming

UK country manager & certificate sales for Agreena.

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Brooke Coleman

Photography and digital content.


Edward Gent

3rd generation

Farm manager.

Regenerative farming consultant. 


Susan Gent

Finance, book keeping and human rescources.

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Tony Gent

2nd generation

Machinery designer.

Experienced industry ambassador 

What is regenerative agriculture?
The principles of Gentle Farming


Minimise soil disturbance -

Enhance soil health and ecosystems.

Maximise soil cover -

Build ecosystems, biodiversity and habitats.

Reduce artificial inputs -

Replace with organic materials such as manures.

Carbon Calculations - 2021
No farm carbon calculator is perfect this is our best efforts

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tonnes C02 eq 

Clearly we are net carbon negative
in our food producing operations.

Our cropping - 2022

Our machinery

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