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Garden Soil

Our Farm
We have been farming in South Lincolnshire for four generations. 16 years ago we were one of the first farms in the UK to transition fully to a regenerative farming system. We farm 800 hectares with 750 in food production growing a range of different cereal, perennial and break crops. Our cost of production per tonne is around twenty five percent less than a conventional farming system.
Whilst simultaneously sequestering up to two tonnes of carbon per hectare per year into our soils and consistently building biodiversity. 
We are experienced in producing carbon negative, regeneratively farmed produce at a lower cost than any other farming system and still innovating. 

The principles of
Gentle Farming 

We farm in partnership with nature and soils. 
We use 4 key principles in every farming decision we take. 

Screenshot 2023-12-08 10.55.35 AM.png

Our results speak for themselves


90%* less soil surface disturbance: Using no till techniques

40%* less artificial inputs: with the addition of organic fertilisers

100% Soil Cover: Using mulches and cover cropping

10% Areas for nature: Woodland, hedgerows, Meadows

Soil Life: Soil quality can be measured in the amount of Soil Organic Matter. 16 years ago our farms soil had ~ 4% SOM in 2022 we had ~ 10% SOM. 

Biodiversity: In a recent survey 11 species of birds, 6 species of butterfly and 5 species of other insects were identified. The ruddy darter dragonfly was seen all over the farm.

Carbon: Total current carbon stock +95,000 tonnes
Sequestered a total of 534 tonnes of C02 per hectare over the last 15 years**


* Compared to a conventional farming system
** 6% SOM increase with 8.9 tonnes of C02 per 0.1% SOM



Yield: Our crops produce comparable yields to a conventional farming system. Achieving an average yield of 11.8 t / ha for winter wheat in 2022

Profitability: Our costs are ~27% less than a conventional farming system and our income is the same so we are more profitable per hectare


Regenerative Farm Management 

Edward Gent - Experienced regenerative farmer

Transitioning to a regenerative farming system can be risky and complex. 
My 16 years of experimenting with these techniques means I can support a smoother and more profitable transition period for you, whilst helping you gain access to new funding streams. 

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