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The principles of Gentle Farming 

We farm in partnership with nature and soils. 
 use 4 key principles in every farming decision we take. 

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Our results speak for themselves



90%* less soil surface disturbance: Using no till techniques

40%* less artificial inputs: with the addition of organic fertilisers

100% Soil Cover: Using mulches and cover cropping

10% Areas for nature: Woodland, hedgerows, Meadows

Soil Life: Soil quality can be measured in the amount of Soil Organic Matter. 16 years ago our farms soil had ~ 4% SOM in 2022 we had ~ 10% SOM. 

Biodiversity: In a recent survey 11 species of birds, 6 species of butterfly and 5 species of other insects were identified. The ruddy darter dragonfly was seen all over the farm.

Carbon: Total current soil carbon stock +95,000 tonnes
Sequestered a total of 534 tonnes of C02 per hectare of the last 15 years**


* Compared to a conventional farming system
** 6% SOM increase with 8.9 tonnes of C02 per 0.1% SOM

Crop Types
Industry average KG of C02eq per tonne of product (GLFI)
Gentle Farming KG of C02eq per tonne of product (2022)
Spring Wheat
Winter Wheat


Yield: All of our crops now produce comparable yields to a conventional farming system. Achieving an average yield of 11.8 t / ha for winter wheat in 2022

Profitability: Our costs are ~27% less than a conventional farming system and our income is the same so we are more profitable per hectare

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