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Farmland Investing

In partnership with Cahootz we are offering the opportunity to own a fraction of farmland. Watch crops and nature flourish from the comfort of your own home as Gentle Farming uses their expert regenerative farming knowledge to farm the land transforming degraded farmland into a regenerative food producing business.

All investing is carried out through the Cahootz platform: 

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Join a community of fractional farmland investors

How it works

Farmland is an established investment class that has historically provided long-term returns over generations. Cahootz and Gentle Farming are now offering a hassle-free opportunity to own farmland through fractional ownership. With Cahootz investors buy fractions that represent a genuine share of ownership of a specific plot of farmland, which provides the holder with a relative share of the income and any long-term capital appreciation. Gentle Farming will be the farming operators of that land bringing their experience and innovations in regenerative farm management. 

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Flexible Investment

Choose the farmland you want and select the number of fractions you want to invest in.

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Experience Every Day

Follow the journey of your regenerative farm with a community of like minded landowners.

Get access to exclusive events, promotions and content.

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Reward Every Year

Each year your farmland generates an income through several means including the growing of crops, and eco-systems services.


12-month change in value of UK agricultural land*


50-year change in value of UK agricultural land*


33% of publicly marketed farmland bought by institutions in 2022**

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