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All of our food products are grown to deliver our standards:

  • Price Match : No higher price than an equivalent alternative 

  • Carbon Neutral : Certified carbon neutral 

  • Biodiversity Enhancing : Measured biodiversity improvements

  • Healthy: Nutrient dense and free from unnecessary processing

If you are looking to source from a regenerative farm please get in touch, we are always looking at what new products we can grow. Below you will find just some what we already grow.


Regenerative Rape Seed Oil

  • Negative carbon footprint​

  • High in omega 3 and vitamin E

  • 100% pure cold pressed on farm

  • Available today in any pack size or quantity 

  • Great value for money

Regenerative Wheat Flour

  • 100% pure flour available to any specification

  • Negative carbon footprint

  • Wheat available for human or animal consumption

  • Follow the journey of regenerative wheat through the year

  • Zero insecticides used


Regenerative Oats

  • Carbon negative 

  • Grown with cover crops

  • Healthy and naturally gluten free

  • 100% pure oats

  • Learn about no till farming

Regenerative Farming

As a farming business our priority is to grow food that people want to eat therefore we are flexible enough to grow and produce what is required. 

We also grow different cereal and legume crops. We can grow vegetables, root crops, and rear livestock.


We are proud founding members and supporters of the Zero Carbon Forum marketplace. A group of hospitality and food companies coming together to discuss and progress their net zero journeys. 

Let's grow together

We are looking to find like minded food businesses to partner directly with our regenerative farming business. 

Please get in touch to learn more about our farm.

Oakley Farm, Tydd St Giles


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