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Garden Soil

The importance of Soil

Soil supports all life on earth.


It has huge potential to sequester and store atmospheric carbon. 

The amount of carbon in the soil is directly linked to the SOM (Soil Organic Matter) content. 

If we increase soil organic matter we are increasing carbon levels in the soil.

In UK farmland organic matter levels have been falling due to poor farming practices.

This trend urgently needs to be reversed.

Gently managed soils will: 

  • Grow healthier crops which leads to healthier food and healthier people

  • Form the basis of a climate resilient food system

  • Increase biodiversity of soil ecosystems which supports above ground diversity

  • Have higher quality landscapes to improve the well being of society

  • Reduce flood risk and improve water quality

  • Sequester and store atmospheric carbon

Three generations of regenerative farmers

We have been farming in South Lincolnshire for four generations. 16 years ago we were one of the first farms in the UK to transition fully to a regenerative farming system. We farm 800 hectares with 750 in food production growing a range of different cereal, perennial and break crops. 


Thomas Gent - Gentle Farming
Climate Change Champions


Digging for innovation prize winner
Royal Agricultural College 
Thomas Gent - Gentle Farming


Gentle Farming

Founder member

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Thomas Gent -
Agreena Ambassador


British Farming Awards arable farmer of the year finalist 2022


Thomas Gent - Gentle Farming
Carbon Farmer of the year Finalist


Gentle Farming - Natural Capital valuation case study farm


Twice featured on BBC Country File


Gentle Farming - Regenerative accelerator program selected venture 


Gentle Farming
featured in The Telegraph

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