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UK's first soil carbon standard

Rewarding and supporting regenerative farming practices in the UK. 

Garden Soil


Supports all life on earth.


It has huge potential to sequester and store atmospheric carbon. 

The amount of carbon in the soil is directly linked to the SOM (Soil Organic Matter) content. 

If we increase soil organic matter we are increasing carbon levels in the soil.

In UK farmland organic matter levels have been falling due to poor farming practices.

This trend urgently needs to be reversed.

Farming systems with higher soil carbon levels will: 

  • Grow healthier crops which leads to healthier food and healthier people

  • Form the basis of a climate resilient food system

  • Increase biodiversity of soil ecosystems which supports above ground diversity

  • Have higher quality landscapes to improve the well being of society

  • Reduce flood risk and improve water quality

  • Sequester and store atmospheric carbon


For Farmers:

Rewarding and supporting sustainable farming practices. 

We support and welcome farmers to join the Agreena Carbon program from the UK.
The program is a soil carbon certification program that rewards farmers with yearly payments for carrying out sustainable farming techniques such as cover cropping, reduced tillage and much more. 

The system is free at the point of access to allow farmers to gain an understanding of the financial incentive they could gain from focusing on soil quality across their farm. 

Find out more: 
1) Contact one of our team below
2) Take a look at our info for farmers page in the main menu. 

UK Farmer support team

Oliver Clarke
- Royal Agricultural University graduate. 
- Passionate about regenerative farming.
Mobile : 07795402447


image00007 - Edward Reynolds.jpeg

Edward Reynolds
- Regenerative farmer, Cambridgeshire. 
- Trained and experienced Agronomist

Mobile : 07585274564

Image by Steve Douglas


Image by Chris


Farmer with Daughters