Gain reward and support for regenerative farming practices. 

We have partnered with the internationally recognised European soil carbon certification program called Agreena Carbon.

Any farm wherever they are on their journey can access the funding they need to carry out sustainable farming techniques. 


Step 1
Sign up

Create a login and sign up on the Agreena system 

Use the button below to be directed to the Agreena app and create a login to the system. 

Step 2

Input field data. 

Input data on a field by field basis to understand each fields carbon position and potential ceritificate yield. 

Input information includes soil characteristics, tillage practices and fertiliser use etc. 

You can then plan the years operations and see what potential for carbon certificate yields that will result in. 

The system is praised for its ease of use and simple input system, typically it takes around 30 mins to input 100 hectares for the first time which could result in 250 certificates worth an estimated £25 each. 

Set 3


Submit your data for validation and sign contracts. 

Once you are happy with your field strategies, submit them for validation. This will involve an informal meeting with one of the Agreena team who will answer any questions and guide you through the next stages : data validation and contract signing. 

There are several layers of verification: satellite technology and data analytics as well as other cutting edge technology is used. 

Step 4


Certificates are issued and then can be sold in a variety of ways or saved.

The certificates are issued directly to you as a farmer where you have complete control over what you do with them. We can sell them on your behalf and have buyers waiting to purchase. You can also claim the certificates yourself or sell them yourself. 

The process then begins again for the next crop year. 

1cd79b01-0270-4b22-85c9-00a48a25e31b - Toby Simpson.JPG.jpg
           The Agreena system is very easy and simple to use, the support team have been very helpful too.
Toby Simpson - Cambridgeshire arable farmer.
a user of the Agreena carbon system.


The estimates below are dependent on individual farms and supply/demand.

2-3 tonnes C02e per hectare. 

Averaged figures from a range of different farms already using the system. 

£20-£30 per tonne of C02e. 

Estimated price based on current market data and insights from experts.

£50-£90 income per hectare per year

Offering a serious financial incentive to stimulate sustainable farming techniques. 


Contact the team.

Thank you for registering an interest we will get back to you as soon as possible.

          We are at a pivotal point for British agriculture and sequestering carbon offers huge opportunities for farmers looking to increase revenue and mitigate their risks. I would encourage all arable farmers to look seriously at what Agreena are offering.
Harry Epsom - Director of Epsom Rural
a user of the Agreena system.

Farm advisors & agronomists

Become a trained carbon advisor.

Farm advisors and agronomists play a key role developing sustainable farming businesses. 

That is why we have decided to offer farm advisors a completely free offering we have built a dedicated software platform to enable you to understand the potential of carbon trading.

We offer a free online training system to allow you to become a trained carbon advisor.

To find out more follow the steps below:

1) Head to our login page and create a farm advisor account. 

2) From here you can demo the system for free and add test fields.

3) You can also head to the Agrovi training system to learn more about carbon trading and become a trained carbon advisor.  

If you would like a personal demo of our system please contact us on the form above or go to the about us page to contact a specific member of the team.

Thank you for taking the time to look over our website.

          The Agreena system is going to offer the opportunity for a real paradigm shift in agriculture. It is the first commercial opportunity for farmers to compare farming systems based on carbon as the driver rather than Nitrogen.
Mike Harrington- Director of Edaphos -
a user of the Agreena system.