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Welford estate

The Welford Estate is in many ways a traditional farming estate. The Estate takes its role within farming and the community very seriously. The Estate’s ethos lies in protecting the land so that future generations can enjoy it. To achieve this the Estate has adopted an integrated farm management plan which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, address water quality, water and nutrient efficiency, soil erosion and reduce their reliance on pesticides and purchased fertilisers. The estate became one of seven new monitor farms to join AHDB’s Farm Excellence programme in summer 2020 to improve business performance and share best practice.

Biodiversity on the farm

The Welford Estate continuously strives to increase farm productivity and profitability whilst nurturing their most valuable asset – the soil. This soil health journey is now at the heart of everything they do. A Mid-Tier Countryside Stewardship Agreement started in January 2020 including nectar and flower mix, beetle banks, flower rich margins, winter bird food, management of hedgerows, permanent grassland with very low inputs and management of species rich grassland. There are approximately 185 hectares of woodland on the Estate in a Woodland Management Scheme.