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Kington Down Farm

We are a tenanted family farm in the South Cotswolds, on a regenerative path! Reducing tillage and artificial inputs by using manure, biology and nutrition to replace chemicals and employing a long and diverse rotation with green cover crops. Our aim is to create a more circular farming system; bringing the beneficial aspects of livestock and arable farming together with a focus on soil health and biodiversity to all compliment each other and spiral up a virtuous circle! We produce wheat, barley, maple peas, oil seed rape, home bred and grass fed beef, grass fed lamb, and horse hay whilst improving our soil health, soil organic matter (carbon) and biodiversity. We have over 20 acres of wildflower and pollen and nectar plots on the farm and are constantly trialling new crops and methods to try and improve sustainability - both financial and environmental - for example, companion cropping, mob-grazing our pedigree herd of cows on herbal leys and introduced Sainfoin and Lupins to the rotation.

Biodiversity on the farm

Through our Countryside Stewardship Agreement we are managing over 20 acres of wildflower and pollen and nectar plots providing habitats and food for our wildlife. We actively encourage biodiversity to provide natural predators to pests and haven't used insecticides for several year. We also grow diverse green cover crops over winter and have trialled and introduced novel methods and crops - including herbal leys and sainfoin which, as well as needing no fertiliser, are very beneficial for pollinators, insects and wildlife.