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J. H. Simpson & Son

We are a family run arable farm based in Cambridgeshire practicing regenerative agriculture. For us everything revolves around the soil, it is the foundation for all that we grow. We no-till a diverse rotation of combinable crops, in-between them we grow specially chosen catch and cover crops to protect and enhance the soil. This provides year round green cover for the soil and a diverse habitat for wildlife while building our soil organic matter.

Biodiversity on the farm

The farm has large areas of the farmland and woodland involved with Countryside Stewardship schemes. This involves planting wild flower meadows, miles of hedgerows, and using wild bird food crops to link woodland and hedgerows together, creating as much diverse habitat as possible. As a result our farm is rich in biodiversity, from the worms and micro-organisms in the soil to the birds, bees, and butterflies that are all supported in the habitats we create. The ancient woodlands are full of wild flowers, while supporting all manor of woodland creatures.