Support this farm and offset your emmissions. 

Gransden CFC Ltd

Gransden CFC Ltd , formed in 2003, is a collaboration between three long-established Gransden family farming businesses. Two of the families have been in the village since around 1860, and the other since the 1920’s.We have been no-tilling across the whole farm, around 620 hectares, for the last four years, which has lead to a forty percent reduction in our fuel use, and we are starting to see an improvement in soil quality.

Biodiversity on the farm

All the land is in the Countryside Stewardship scheme, meaning most fields have buffer strips to prevent soil run off and in many cases are set with flower mixes to support summer pollinators. Other, poorer parts of the farm are set with plants to provide winter bird food and we have a one hectare plot to encourage lapwings. Over the last few winters we have planted around four km of new hedgerow and filled in gaps in existing hedges. We set over eight thousand trees in 2000. These are now maturing and provide further habitat for wildlife, and also have considerable amenity value. The stewardship scheme also provided for a pond restoration, creating a valuable wildlife habitat. There are seven other ponds across the farm.