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Easter Rattray Farm

The farm is mainly arable but we also have a small horse livery yard, two holiday cottages and a Christmas tree enterprise, mainly 'Cut your Own'. We have been converting to 'no-till' for a few years but decided to go 100% 'no till' this year - 2020-2021. We keep our own seed and do not use seed dressings. We stopped using Phosphate and Potash fertilisers about 3 years ago. We have also stopped using insecticides. We changed to liquid Nitrogen to try and use less plastic. We grow cover crops and have increased the number of crops from 4 to 8 to try and increase biodiversity. Farming has become much more fun and I feel we are only just getting started on the regenerative farming route.

Biodiversity on the farm

We have planted about 14 acres of trees over the years and recently have planted about 1000 meters of hedge. 10 acres of mixed woodland is due for planting in 2022. We plant about 5 acres of wild bird seed which is overwintered for the birds to eats. We also have about 25 acres of a green manure crop to help feed the worms and help the soil microbes.