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Driver Farms& Clopton Farms

Driver Farms & Clopton Estate Ltd are two family farms based in West Suffolk working together in partnership. We farm using a regenerative model with the ecosystem and quality crops going hand in hand.

The day to day running of the farming businesses is done by Adam Driver, who won The Sainsburys Young Farmer of the Year award in 2016 for writing a report based around soil health.

We have been farming regeneratively for five years now. In 2015 it became clear that conventional methods that we had used for the last 40 years were damaging the long term health of our soil (Degenerative agriculture). This led us to explore alternative farming methods with the aim of returning carbon to the soil, improving the health and structure of our soil and reducing our impact on the environment (Regenerative agriculture).

Biodiversity on the farm

We believe our farming system is the future of producing food. We are working with nature, encouraging local ecosystems in order to benefit our crops and soils. It is a win/win situation both in terms of environmental sustainability and food production. Importantly we are looking after and actively encouraging the wide range of habitats on the farm. From woods to hedges and streams, these all are part of our whole farm approach to the ecosystem and farming.