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Cotterstock Lodge

We are a 550ha mixed family farm situated in rural North Northamptonshire. We have been farming on this site for 6 generations and take a great deal of pride in caring for the land and the local environment. The farm consists of a patchwork of arable, pasture and woodland allowing for a wide range of ecosystems.

Biodiversity on the farm

The farm has been part of environmental stewardship schemes since the 1990s and is therefore home to a wide range of flora and fauna. Approximately 5% of the total farm area is given over to wild bird plots and flower/pollen rich margins. These areas provide excellent habitats for farmland birds (e.g lapwing, chiffchaff, yellowhammer and skylark), by supplying them with food and shelter in the winter months. The flower/pollen margins provide food all year round for pollinators and other invertebrates. Again approximately 5% of the farm area is native woodland which of course provides great habitat for barn owls, bats, sparrowhawks and hobby). We have over 10 miles of hedges on the farm which are managed in a way to provide shelter for birds during nesting and to provide plenty of berries for food in the winter. They also, in combination with our grass filed corners and grass margins by arable fields, house hedgehog, brown hare and a multitude of small farmland birds. The farm borders the River Nene with several fields set aside as wetland habitat for native wildflowers, invertebrates (e.g dragonfly and damselfly), and nest sites for birds (snipe and kingfisher). We feel that looking after the biodiversity on the farm is one of the greatest responsibilities we have and also something that gives us the most joy. Farming in a responsible and sustainable way so that food production and nature both have their place.