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Bury Court Farm

342 ha (owned/rented). over 40 ha(100a) in environmental schemes, over 28km of hedges.8 ha grassland, with small highland cattle fold (supplying the people living on the farm with meat and a local farm shop) and a small flock of Wiltshire horn sheep, meat going to same destinations. 140kw of PV (producing about 115kw of electricity per annum). All properties on farm are served by a biomass district heating system. Two shepherds huts, open to the public to hire (Fat pheasant).

Biodiversity on the farm

The farm is situated on two main holdings, some 2 miles apart and a small contract farm (which is part of a horse trainers holding).The land is rolling farmland on the oxfordshire/warwickshire border. The field sizes vary in size between 3 and 23 hectares, surrounded by hedges (these are trimmed every other year) There are 6m borders around every field, with quite a few field corners devoted to feeding "bugs and birds". For spring cropping (about 1/2 of the farm), a cover crop is always planted. All crops are direct drilled, using a JD drill.