Support this farm and offset your emmissions. 

Antrobus Farms

At Antrobus Farms their mission is to protect and enhance their environment and pass this directly to the customer, to allow them to enjoy the finest nutritionally balanced and sustainable products; “As custodians of the land we work with nature as much as possible and practise regenerative farming in order to be sustainable for future generations” Antrobus Farm Shop works with a range of local producers who share their farming values and desire to care for the environment while producing delicious, sustainable food.

Biodiversity on the farm

Nature is at the core of all that Antrobus Farm strives to do. They work to enhance nature and natural ecosystems by planting native wild flowers in and around the fields to help support biodiversity. At recent counts they have recorded more than 5000 wild meadow flowers and more than 500 wild honey bees. They partner with local producers who are also working hard to reduce carbon emissions, food miles and to maximise benefits to the environment.