Beyond Carbon

Gentle Farming goes beyond carbon. It's about adopting techniques that benefit farmers, people and the planet. With the Gentle approach, we can more effectively manage water, nurture biodiversity and support our communities. Help us make an impact beyond carbon.

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High quality soil holds more water which reduces flood risk and mitigates against the effects of drought conditions. Good quality soil filters water effectively and limits run off. 

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A handful of soil holds more micro organisms than there are humans on earth.  High quality soil supports a diversity of life which in turn supports above ground diversity in the plants and animals we see. 

Farmer with Daughters


Healthy soils grow healthy plants, supporting healthy humans. Working to support local food production and shorter supply chains. Educating people about where their food comes from is a passion among regenerative farmers. 

Green Pastures

Introducing our Gentle Farming Champions

We are building a network of organisations and people who actively collaborate with us to champion sustainable food and farming. 

Contact us to join the movement and become a Gentle Farming Champion. 


Here's our group of pioneering Gentle Farming Champions: 

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Coming soon - Stories from the farm.

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Coming soon - Gentle Farming food & ingredients