We champion innovative rural businesses

focusing on sustainability and regenerative farming. 

Our purpose is to encourage more uptake and knowledge of regenerative food producing systems. 

We believe these systems hold vast opportunities for people and the planet. 


Our mission is to reward and recognise farmers carrying out sustainable farming techniques.

We look to collaborate with organisations to help them and us achieve sustainability goals.

We enable people to make healthier decisions for themselves and the planet.

We have already made significant progress.

Implemented practice based payment systems on our farm and farms across the country

Partnered with Agreena to develop their platform and bring it to the UK

Gained national press and marketing coverage

Built a strong network of like minded organisations and people

Educated a whole new audience on regenerative farming

Winner of multiple industry awards


We have big plans for the future.

Facilitate more farms to receive rewards for sustainable farming practices. 


Launch Gentle Farming Beyond Carbon. 


Implement new innovative ways to help farmers tell their stories. 


Raise awareness of regenerative farming and the Gentle Farming brand. 

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Our Team

Our team are all UK based and happy to chat anytime. 

We also have the support of a full customer service team based in Denmark who all speak excellent English. 

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Thomas Gent
Founder of Gentle Farming
Head of certificate sales for Agreena



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Edward Reynolds
Cambridgeshire arable farmer 
Joint farmer support manager



Oliver Clarke
Cirencester graduate
Joint Farmer support manager



Millie Davey
Lead Gentle Farming brand
Partner in her family farm

Our Story

I am Thomas Gent, I am the founder of Gentle Farming.

I live and work on my family arable farm on the Lincolnshire Cambridgeshire border. We have been farming in a regenerative way for around 12 years.

During the first coronavirus lockdown a couple of experiences really got me thinking about the future of agriculture. 

Firstly, after taking a tractor load of wheat to the grain merchants and tipping it in the pile with everyone else's, something struck me.

How can my regeneratively farmed grain be valued the exact same as a conventionally farmed grain?

Secondly I attended an NFU talk about the loss of government subsidy and the opening up of potential new markets such as ecosystems services and soil carbon payments. 

Lastly we were seeing a large amount of press coverage around the damage agriculture was causing to the planet but few people were talking about the amazing potential I know regenerative farming can have by seeing it work on my farm first hand. 

So this led to an obsession with finding a way to differentiate my product and farm. This very quickly led to the fact that soil is one of the largest natural carbon storage sinks on planet earth. I knew farms were storing carbon and companies were looking to support regenerative farming systems. But no one was putting this together in a practical and accessible way for farmers. So I spent the next 8 months trying to do so. During this time I tried a huge number of ideas out as anyone looking to start something new does.

I made some mistakes but learnt a vast amount on the way. 


Then at the start of 2021 I came across a Danish company called Agreena. This internationally verified system produced exactly what he was looking for as a farmer some way to quantify and monetise regenerative farming practices. But the system did not exactly fit me as a Uk farm so Gentle Farming formed a strategic partnership with Agreena to help bring their system to the Uk and tweak it to fit a Uk farm better.

Skip ahead to today and farms across the Uk are working with Gentle Farming and Agreena to gain reward and recognition for their farming systems. 

There has never been a time before when agriculture has had such an opportunity and the public are so interested in what we do. 

This is the best and most exciting time ever to be a Uk farmer the opportunities and possibilities are inspiring.


2021 Digging for innovation prize winner. 

The overall winner was Thomas Gent of Gentle Farming, whose business model and system allows farmers to quantify and market the amount of soil carbon they are sequestering into their soils per year. A regenerative farmer himself, Thomas made the most of the first lockdown by looking into what opportunities soil carbon could provide for farmers and promote regenerative agriculture. 

BASF’s Mike Green comments “Thomas has used his lockdown to great effect, with consultation and buy-in from others what many are only thinking about doing. The focus beyond just carbon is very important and the journey towards full international accreditation shows a wider understanding of the market complexities. A very exciting project and a worthy winner of the competition.”

Thomas Gent- 2021
Climate Change Champion.

Climate change champions are a group of leading Uk based farmers already working hard to tackle climate change head on. 

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